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We have 6 great options to choose from. You are not limited to one service option. You have the ability to choose 1 or multiple service options for your preferred storage needs.


Upload any video you have recorded or created. This is impactful, because individuals have the ability to see you and hear your voice. We recommend making a farewell video.



Type text information. This will be brief information of your choice located on your member’s profile page. Each of our service options comes equipped with this basic feature.

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Upload voice notes you have recorded. This service option is for those that prefer to stay off camera or if you would like your listeners to remember the sound of your voice.



Upload any type of digital file. These files can include photos, a will, handwritten letters, scanned images, or virtually any type of file as long as it is digital.

We offer comprehenisve wills and estate forms options through our parners at Law Depot to help you plan for the future and ensure vour assets are distributed according to your wishes.
Speak From Beyond offers optoins for life and death insurance through our affilate partner. Our life insurance expert will help you choose the best option for you and your loved ones.

Frequently asked

What file formats do you accept

Speak From Beyond is currently accepting all digital file formats for uploading. If there is an issue uploading a file please contact a Speak From Beyond representative to resolve the issue.

How long does it take for Speak From Beyond to confirm a death

When a recipient informs us that a death has occurred we begin our death confirmation process within 24 hours of receiving the message. Allow us 1-3 weeks to confirm a death. The amount of time it takes to confirm a death depends on when a recipient receives an official death certificate. Once a death is confirmed recipients will receive an email, call or text with instructions on how to access the member’s digital vault.

Does anyone have access to view a member’s files while he or she is alive?

No one has access to a member’s profile except the member. Speak From beyond or any other individuals do not have access to a member’s uploaded files. Only the member can access his or her files.

What happens after a recipient accesses a member’s profile after a death?

The recipient will have access to all of the deceased member’s files. A member’s profile will remain active until no payment has been received to keep the account current or a trusted recipient decides to close the deceased member’s account. Member’s files will not be saved once the account is closed. We highly recommend recipients download the members’s files to his or her trusted devices to save for future viewing and/or listening.

How does a recipient receive access to a member’s account after a member’s death?

It is extremely important that members let the recipients know that he/she has been chosen and trusted to view our member’s files upon a member’s death. Recipients will know to contact Speak From Beyond once a member’s death has occurred. Once Speak From Beyond confirms a member’s death through various confirmation checks the recipient will receive an email, text or call with instructions on how to create a new password for the deceased member’s account allowing the recipient access to the deceased member’s complete profile including all files.

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