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We are dedicated to empowering organizations with innovative project and people management tools, streamlining workflow and fostering a culture of productivity and collaboration

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The platform is the culmination of firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges in managing diverse and agile creative teams. With ActionAtlas, we are not just offering another tool; we are providing a solution that resonates with the core needs of creative agencies, fostering a more productive, efficient, and harmonious working environment.
To empower creative agencies worldwide by providing an innovative and intuitive platform that streamlines creative production workflows. Our mission is to simplify the complexities of project and freelancer management, enabling teams to focus on creating exceptional content. We are committed to enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and productivity for small to medium-sized production companies, marketing agencies, independent videographers, and digital media startups.

Our vision is to become the leading SaaS solution in creative production management, recognized for revolutionizing how creative projects are managed and delivered. We aim to set new standards in the industry, fostering a global community of empowered creators who can leverage our platform to bring their visions to life with ease and efficiency. By continuously innovating and adapting to the evolving needs of the creative industry, we envision ActionAtlas as an indispensable tool that supports the entire lifecycle of video production, from concept to completion, for creators everywhere.

Our Core Features are Aligned with Industry Needs

Empowering Creative Collaboration with Comprehensive Project, Freelancer, and Client Management Tools

Mastering the Art of Project Customer Management

Elevate your creative projects to new heights with our cutting-edge Project Management component! Seamlessly connecting freelancers and creative agencies, this dynamic tool revolutionizes collaboration. Enjoy centralized project details, real-time communication, and streamlined resource management—all in a user-friendly interface. Empower freelancers with project insights and provide agencies with unparalleled oversight.

Unleash Creative Freelance Potential

Unleash your freelance potential with our empowering FreelancerManagement tool! Tailored for creative minds, this feature-rich platform transforms projectengagement, offering efficiency, comprehensive profiles, and seamless calendar integration.Set your rates, explore global opportunities with market rates, and elevate your freelanceexperience. Thrive in the future of freelancing, connecting with top-tier creative agencies!

Reporting and Analytics for Effective Management

Uncover the true potential of your creative projects with our Reporting and Analytics feature. Gain comprehensive insights into project progress, operational efficiency, and financial health at a glance. Elevate your decision-making with data-driven strategies, ensuring your creative endeavors reach new heights.

The Integrated CRM Suite for Seamless Customer Management

Transform your client relationships with our CRM component, designed for the dynamic landscape of creative agencies. Seamlessly manage client information, track project history, and enhance collaboration. Elevate your client interactions and cultivate lasting partnerships with our intuitive CRM tool.

Effortless Project Transparency

Embark on a transformative client experience with our Client Portal –the gateway to streamlined project collaboration. Gain real-time access to project progress, seamlessly interact with your customer, and enjoy unparalleled transparency. Elevate your project engagement, simplify communication, and experience the future of client-agency collaboration at your fingertips.

Navigate to Financial Success

Unlock financial clarity and control with our Revenue Tracking tool – a comprehensive solution for transparent financial management. Monitor budgets, track expenses, and ensure accurate billing for every project. Elevate your financial control, streamline invoicing, and experience a new era of fiscal confidence with our intuitive Revenue Tracking component.


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Revolutionize Your Creative Business

Unlock Efficiency, Enhance Collaboration, and Optimize TalentManagement

ActionAtlas Effortless Project

Within the sphere of project management, ActionAtlas emerges as a pioneer of progress and efficiency, specifically tailored for freelancers and those overseeing creative projects. Our platform revolutionizes how creative endeavors are managed, equipping users with a comprehensive set of tools aimed at simplifying each stage of project delivery.

Meet theTeam


Anastasia Copeland

Chief Operating Officer


Pim Jitnavasathien

UX/UI Designer


Audrey Andoy

Full Stack Developer


Kishor Dhakal

Junior Full Stack Developer


Claire Elliott

Full Stack Developer

Development Timeline

Behind the scenes, the team is passionately crafting a game-changing solution, working tirelessly to bring you an essential product that revolutionizes how you manage projects and people. Stay tuned for the launch of an innovation that will redefine efficiency and collaboration in your workplace.


Company Founded


Partner Engagement


Software Development


Beta Testing


Product Launch


Company Founded


Partner Engagement


Software Development


Beta Testing


Product Launch

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Innovation Meets Efficiency in Management

We offer comprehensive support at every crucial step of your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re a startup seeking guidance or an established business looking to optimize operations

Project Management

Streamline Every Project

Effortlessly orchestrate your projects from start to finish with intuitive planning and tracking.

Freelancer Management

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Seamlessly manage your freelance talent, fostering collaboration and creativity across projects.

Team Management

Empower Your Team Dynamics

Enhance team productivity and communication with tools designed for efficient collaboration.

Studio Management

Simplify Studio Operations

Centralize your studio's operational aspects, from resource allocation to project assignment, for smoother workflows.

Budget & Cost Management

Control Costs, Maximize Profit

Keep your projects financially sound with comprehensive budget tracking and cost management features.

Reporting and Analytics

Insights at Your Fingertips

Make informed decisions with real-time analytics and detailed reports on your project's performance.

Frequently Asked Questions about ActionAtlas

Is the app available in all countries?
No, the app will not be available in all countries initially. We are focusing on a phased rollout to ensure quality and compliance with regional regulations and user needs
The app is currently in the development phase, and we are targeting a release in Q3 2024. This timeline allows us to thoroughly test and refine the app to ensure we deliver a high-quality, reliable product to our users. Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer to the launch date!
Initially, the app will be web-based, ensuring easy accessibility from various desktop and laptop browsers. This approach allows users to access the app without the need to download or install specific software on their devices, offering convenience and flexibility. We’re focusing on creating a robust and user-friendly web application to cater to a wide range of users, with plans to expand to iOS and Android platforms in future updates based on user feedback and demand.
Our app stands out in the market for its specialized focus on production project management and resource management. Unlike general project management tools, it offers tailored solutions designed specifically for the unique challenges in production environments. This includes advanced resource allocation, detailed scheduling, and real-time tracking of production workflows. Additionally, our app is developed with a strong emphasis on user-friendliness, ensuring ease of adaptation and integration for production teams. This combination of specialized features and an intuitive interface uniquely positions our app as an efficient and effective choice for managing complex production projects.