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I have been investing for 6+ years. Buying, selling, listening and reading a lot. When listening and reading your approach, BAM a light went on. How easy could it be. Thank You Tim.”


I have a much more in depth understanding of Investing for Income. I have become excited again regarding my ability to invest and increase my income during retirement. The Forever Dividends Masterclass was a great investment in time and and greatly increase my knowledge and understanding of dividend income.”


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  • The money you have matter how much...could be strategically invested over time to throw off income that pays your bills for life.
  • No more nagging from your spouse about ‘we don’t do anything fun anymore…”
  • No more eating in again while your new friends all go out for drinks…
  • No more feeling that sunken weight pushing on your chest whenever the topic of ‘money’ comes up…
  • That’s not the way to live.
  • If you knew your bills would be covered going forward every month like clockwork…
  • I’m talking…
  • ...your mortgage -> CHECK
  • ...your groceries -> CHECK
  • ...your medical bills and your prescriptions -> CHECK
  • ...any unexpected problems that arise...even just a surprise doubling of your electric bill -> CHECK
  • Your view on life completely changes.
  • That’s what I’m ready to show you inside the Forever Dividends Masterclass.
  • Give me 29 days...and I’ll set you up for an income for life.
  • Your income is designed to increase every month…
  • Plus, you’re able to triple your income every week on top of that.
  • We ran this Masterclass in 2020, and every seat sold out. We received rave testimonials for it…
  • And it’s going to get even better as we make the videos better and the content more focused.
  • This is an exciting time to join.
  • If you need to know more about me, check out my bio below.
  • My name is Tim Plaehn. I’ll be your guide throughout the next 29 days.
  • Again, read more about me below.
  • First, join the Forever Dividends Masterclass now.

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Dear Future Masterclass Attendee,

  • You’re about to experience something not ever seen or done before inside the financial education space.
  • Rather than simply give you a newsletter or alert service and leave you to learn on your own…
  • I’m flipping the entire industry on its head, and you can be a part of it.
  • See, I’m going to take you by the hand, and over the next 29 days, you’ll discover how to go from having virtually no brokerage an income-producing machine throwing off dividends every single month like clockwork.
  • It might be my most popular product yet in 7 years.
  • As last time we offered the Forever Dividends Masterclass, it sold out fast and we received dozens of people thanking me for taking the time to walk them through everything about how to dividend invest.
  • I’ll be going LIVE to show you everything step-by-step.
  • I’m talking about showing you how to set up your account on day 1…
  • buying my top 5 buy-and-hold-forever dividend stocks by day 8…
  • ...all the way to using advanced strategies to pile on income on top of your dividend payments by day 29.
  • I’ll share the specific details in a minute…
  • And all of this will only take a minimum of 4 hours over the next month.
  • I’ve never seen another editor dare to do this.
  • Because it’s 29 days to a dream income portfolio.
  • Here’s what to do right now…
  • Block out at minimum of four hours over the next four weeks.
  • You won’t have to travel kissing your kids goodbye...or getting an earful from your spouse for taking off…
  • Instead, 3-4 times per week, I’ll be releasing content to you LIVE starting with setting up your account on the 1st.
  • Then by the 29th, your portfolio will be running like a well-oiled machine paying you multiple checks already by then.
  • That’s right…
  • By the time we call it a wrap on the 29th, you’ll have pocketed dividends...and you’ll be set to continue collecting these dividends for life.

Now, let me show you quickly what we’ll cover


  • We’re talking about laying the foundation here...from scratch.
  • Meaning, if you have cash just in your checking account earning 0.05%...
  •, literally zero knowledge of the stock market…
  • That is perfectly okay.

In Week One, we’ll dive into

  • What brokerages make the most sense for your money today (yes, some are better than others)
  • The exact steps we will take to turn any newbie investor into a full-fledged dividend investor cashing 3 checks per month, plus,
  • A secret “trick” that will make sure you make your money work for you until the very end ...this one ‘trick’ is simple and is proven by scientists to make you successful at any endeavour you take on
  • Of course, we aren’t just setting the foundation…
  • We’ll get our hands dirty right away…
  • Which is why, by the END of Week ONE,:
  • WIN #1: You’ll have set up a portfolio with a top tier broker and paying $0 in fees
  • WIN #2: You’ll have the confidence in the FOREVER DIVIDENDS masterclass and yourself that this will work for you...and you’ll stick with it for years to come
  • Finally…
  • WIN #3: You will have bought 5 dividend stocks ---> my very best ones to sit at the core of your portfolio.
  • Meaning, in just 7 days, you go from cash in your personal holding 5 dividend-paying cash machines…
  • That’s a lot for Week One...yet, we’re just getting started.


  • In Week Two...we go much, much deeper.
  • You’re already armed with a portfolio of 5, let’s start building our ‘forever’ income stream…
  • The stream to pay your bills for life. If that’s what you’re interested in doing...Week Two is a must to show up for.

During the 7 days of Week two…you’ll uncover

  • Why I’ve dedicated my entire career to high-yield dividend stocks (and why you should dedicate your portfolio them too)
  • My 3 ironclad rules for when to buy and sell your shares ...especially during up and down markets, plus
  • My “magic bullets” to spotting dividend stocks you just gotta own in 15 minutes’ll have the power to look at any dividend-paying company and determine whether you should buy or not.
  • Again, picture it like building a house. You’re layering on one piece after another.
  • Here, we’re now digging into the nitty gritty details on what makes a great dividend stock for your portfolio….but we’re still laying the foundation.
  • After 7 days, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to sift through the thousands and thousands of stocks out there to shine on a light on the ones that work for you.
  • But we won’t stop there…
  • We only have 29 days dang it!
  • During Week Two, I’ll reveal an easy way to quickly increase your dividends virtually overnight.
  • It’s cheap to do...and it can be done automatically again and again.
  • You click a couple buttons in your brokerage account...sign a quick contract...and you’re done.

By the end of Week Two, you’ll have successfully

  • WIN #1: Taken years of studying stocks and condensed them to 7 days. You’ll have learned the golden rules on which dividend stocks to buy and which to never touch
  • WIN #2: Mastered why dividend stocks are the best investment right now ...and whenever your spouse or friends ask about’ll leave them speechless and wanting to learn more
  • WIN #3: Implemented a cool trick to dramatically boost your dividends almost immediately. There’s a little known button in your brokerage account that when activated...can quickly grow your dividends for cheap.
  • At this point, you have a portfolio that’s ready to churn out your first dividends…
  • And you’ve activated a secret weapon to start growing your dividends faster.
  • That’s a lot...but we’re only halfway done!


  • I’m in my 60’s...I don’t got time to wait around.
  • Let’s boost our dividends even more...and Week Three may be your favorite if that’s what you’re wanting.
  • I’m even providing you a free tool to use...and will demo it for you can get even more than 3 checks per month. Maybe you want 5, 6 or 7...that’s all packed into this next 7 days.

In Week Three, you’ll discover

  • WIN #1: Taken years of studying stocks and condensed them to 7 days. You’ll have learned the golden rules on which dividend stocks to buy and which to never touch
  • WIN #2: Mastered why dividend stocks are the best investment right now ...and whenever your spouse or friends ask about’ll leave them speechless and wanting to learn more
  • WIN #3: Implemented a cool trick to dramatically boost your dividends almost immediately. There’s a little known button in your brokerage account that when activated...can quickly grow your dividends for cheap.
  • Our goal this week is to rapidly increase the amount of checks you’re receiving…
  • ...and, of course...the size of said checks.
  • That’s why, at the end, I have another secret ‘trick’ to show you.
  • This ‘trick’ increases both the amount of shares you own...which in turn automatically increases your dividends you receive.
  • The best part?
  • There’s no extra money out of your pocket.
  • Again, it’s just another small contract you sign and ship off to your brokerage...after that, as early as next month, you’ll see even more dividends than the prior month.
  • And you won’t get bored...because every month the checks will get bigger and bigger.

By the end of Week Three, you’ll successfully

  • WIN #1: Bought more stocks based off my Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar so you’ll automatically start collecting more checks right away.
  • WIN #2: Be a pro at a brand new, exclusive piece of software to forecast your dividends for years to come...and provide you security for you and your family.
  • WIN #3: Grow your dividends automatically without adding another penny to your brokerage...all it takes is a little-known contract.
  • By the end of 21 days…
  • Your portfolio will now be growing…
  • You’ll have more stocks in it...and likely even cashed your first dividend checks. On top of that, you’ll have the map to forecast where your income will be in the future.
  • But we’re not done. One more week to go.


  • The final week has one main goal…
  • Accelerate your income so you can triple it within the following 30 days.
  • It’s a consistent theme you’ll hear every week…
  • Build the foundation to start collecting checks…
  • Grow more using some simple tricks I’ll show you…
  • Now, in the final week...we pour the fuel on the fire.
  • Week Four is if you don’t want to wait months and months for your dividends to accelerate…

That’s why, in Week Four, you’ll uncover

  • My #1 strategy to triple your income in the next 10 minutes...this is my go-to for quick cash...and honestly, you can use it as much as you want. It’s amazing.
  • Where to find the top dividend growth stocks in this wild market. Dividend growth stocks can go from paying $1 per share to $3 per share fast...when that happens, the share price grows as well. This is an advanced strategy I normally reserve for those paying up to $2,000 per year.
  • Dead simple ways to dip your toes into options for income with less than 10 clicks of your mouse...and I’ll bring in a rockstar options trader to give you professional tips you can easily use.

By the end of the week, you’ll successfully

  • WIN #1: Discover how to add an extra $500…$1,000 per month to your coffers without waiting for another dividend check.
  • WIN #2: Buy a special set of stocks set to ignite in both price and their dividend payouts...making it one of the most coveted stocks in the world.
  • WIN #3: Have the confidence and the strategies to grow your income consistently every month no matter what the market is doing.
  • And there it is.
  • Four weeks...a total of 29 days.
  • Time cost? Minimum of an hour per week.

Every single one of the four weeks includes

  • Bonus PDFs I’ve written that you can download and read whenever you want. These are our ‘classroom notes’ for you to keep handy when you’re investing.
  • A LIVE session ---> I’ll walk you through the strategies and stocks for the, answer any and all questions you have. Ask about the current market climate, ask me about specific stocks, the floor is yours.
  • Actions to take ---> This is not a passive class to doodle in like your old high school days. Every week there will be action steps for you to take to progress your portfolio and your income. Don’t worry, these steps only take 30 minutes or so to complete. The other actions are to be consuming the content...that’s how you’ll learn and follow with what I’m talking about. Again, we’re building upon the prior week each time.
  • This is a packed schedule…
  • But if you miss a session or two, it’s okay.
  • The key is for you to get all this information as soon as possible.
  • Once we start on April’re locked out.
  • Once we hit max capacity (even before April 1st)’re locked out.
  • Imagine the income possibilities going forward.
  • Click the button below to secure your spot on the next page.
  • Only 1,000 seats are open...and some are already gone as you read this.
  • Masterclass starts April 1st.
  • No late entries.
  • Click the button below and start now.
  • To your income,
  • Tim Plaehn
  • Your leader during the Forever Dividends Masterclass.

Who is Your Masterclass Leader,
Tim Plaehn?


I’m Tim Plaehn. I’ll lead you through the entire 29 day Forever Dividends Masterclass.

I’ve dedicated the last 30 years of my life to helping regular people like you and me invest better.

Early on as a financial advisor and stockbroker, I worked with families 1-on-1.

Today, I help tens of thousands of people generate the most income from the stock market through my popular newsletter, The Dividend Hunter. You won’t find me on the news going on about the ‘next Google.’

Instead, I’m speaking at small, close-knit financial conferences where I can sit down with you. Talk with you. And help you with your income on a personal level. I’m in the trenches with you building income that you need now. This week. This is money you can use to grow your account size, reinvest in your favorite stocks or pay your bills. Following my own advice allows me to live my dream life.

At a moment's notice I can drop everything and hit the open road in my camper heading to a new national park. No boss to answer to.

My goal is to get you to the same place.

What Others Say About Tim

90% of my portfolio is now in Tim's stock picks. With his dividend picks, I love he gives me the option to quit my job whenever I'm ready. We have CHOICE. Plus, with his help, I'm also looking to buy a boat.


Before Tim, we had all our money under management. Today, we've moved over $3.5 million intoTim’s...recommen dations. I love Tim's conservative approach to the market.


​I've followed Tim since about 2016. I truly believe he has the best interest of his clientele at heart. Before, I had a financial advisor, but I've made so much more with Tim than I did with them.


Tim is very personable. He's very honest and seems like he cares about us investors. He gives me the edge in investing I need. I am a much more successful investor and feel confident.


His strategy is conservative and fits in with our long-term plans. I’m busy and don't have time to sit in front of a computer all day. Tim is excellent for doing all the research for me. I didn't realize you could generate as much income from dividends as Tim shows us.


Thanks to Tim, he's setting me up to retire very soon. Looking forward to buying a boat and hitting the water again. I expect with the dividends coming in, I tell my wife 'here's our boat payment' as we pay off the boat with dividends. “We may even name it “My Dividends.”


​I've been following Tim for over 3 years, but wish it was longer. I never feel abandoned when learning from Tim. You're missing the boat if you're not doing this stuff. If I could do everything all over when we retired in 2009, I would absolutely follow Tim's picks and strategies. "​

Samuel B.

I wish I had found Tim's advice sooner, s we now can live comfortably off our dividends. We love using our dividends to travel and they have afforded us the ability to volunteer. We keep busy, so we don't have time to do a bunch of research all the time. Tim takes care of that for us. We've done well.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily schedule for the Masterclass?

There is NOT something you need to watch everyday. We will have ONE live session each week. The rest of the week, I’ll send out written content and give you time to complete the action steps.

Here is the schedule for the LIVE sessions.

  • April 1st
    1 hour live session
  • April 1st
    1 hour live session
  • April 1st
    1 hour live session
  • April 1st
    1 hour live session
  • April 1st
    1 hour live session

All times for sessions -- 1:00pm est

What do I need to successfully complete the Masterclass?

You’ll need:

  • A brokerage account open
  • I recommend an amount you’re willing to invest put aside to buy the variety of stocks I’ll show you. This is a conservative strategy, so you can feel comfortable investing much more
  • Willing to take action. No passive listening.

Are there any refunds allowed?

Yes, you get two guarantees. If after the 29 day masterclass, you don’t feel I delivered the goods...get a 100% refund. Even better, you have a 365 day guarantee on your Dividend Hunter subscription...get a full $79 throughout the year if you are not satisfied.

How do I access the Masterclass?

On the next page, after you secure your spot, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials. You won’t need to bookmark the page, as everyday I’ll send you an email to a link to the next session and any additional resource materials.

How do I guarantee MY questions will be answered?

After you grab a spot, you’ll have the one-time opportunity to join the VIP Masterclass group. Not only do you guarantee I’ll answer your questions, but you’ll also gain access to two special ‘private’ sessions not offered to basic members.

Will there be any recordings?

Yes, you will have access to recordings for the entire time you have a Dividend Hunter subscription.

How often will I collect dividends?

By the time we finish the 29 day Masterclass, you’ll already have collected your first dividends! Going forward, you’ll be collecting income every single month. Plus, with the strategies I show you, you’ll be able to generate even more cash every month. I’ll even introduce a special class of stock you buy, hold, and watch your dividends grow every year. It’s amazing


When you take action during the Masterclass, those who do the best will be entered into drawings for two iPads, two Apple Watches, and some other prizes, including donations to good causes.

The criteria is simple and I’ll explain what it is on Day 1.

This is not a lottery with random drawing. Only the very best Masterclass attendees are eligible. And the best will be chosen.

Value $2,000


Get Started Now!
  • Make this year the best year yet for your income and set yourself up for success for life. Give me 29 days and watch what happens.
  • P.S. After you reserve your spot, stick around as you could also become a VIP Masterclass member who is guaranteed to receive the most attention and help. Plus, two special, private sessions not shared during the Masterclass (on Day 30 and Day 31).. Sign up first for the Forever Dividends Masterclass, then grab a VIP spot after. (it’s a one-time offer).

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