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Transactions made easy

As an agent with Agpay, you’re instantly hooked up to our expansive network. From gaming to trading sites, you’re in the driver's seat and can manage funds for users with just a couple of clicks.

Our user-friendly platform is designed to make each transaction smooth and safe. You have the freedom to execute multiple transactions quickly, ensuring users' funds reach their destination promptly. Plus, we've got a variety of payment methods on board, so you can pick what suits your users best.

Our network

Multiple integrations for unlimited possibilities

Our platform integrations span online casinos, forex, binary trading, and cryptocurrency sectors. This offers agents countless opportunities to facilitate transactions across a diverse range of industries. And with thousands of agents worldwide, Agpay's services are accessible and reliable no matter where you are. This global presence not only expands your potential market but also ensures that you can serve users across time zones and borders with ease.

Why choose Agpay?

Partner networks

We've linking with numerous online platforms. This means you have the freedom to serve a broader range of users and execute various types of transactions.


Agents are the backbone of our service, and we've designed our system with your needs in mind—whether you're handling deposits or managing withdrawals.

Account topping

Our system makes it incredibly easy for you to top up accounts across various platforms. Focus more on your business and less on the complexities of payment processes.


We have you and your business covered with advanced security measures to keep every transaction safe. Agpay makes the payment process as easy and secure as possible.

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